Our Friends & Resources

Throughout our career in raising and packing with llamas, we’ve developed some good relationships with people. Here is a list of our friends and resources:

North American Ccara Association (NACA)
Our mission is to seek out, preserve, perpetuate and promote the best specimens of the working llama-the Ccara.

HighLine Trail Llamas
Our mission for the last 16 years was to seek out and preserve as many of the last remaining blood lines representing the original pack llama as we possibly could. We believe we have been very sucessful in producing some of the very best “Iron Man/Woman” pack llamas with very diverse genetics.

Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas
Established in 2011, is a family operated business located in eastern Idaho. Our family fell in love with llamas while using a friend’s llamas on an elk hunt in Montana many years ago. We have been packing, hunting, fishing, and outfitting in the backcountry for over 16 years and life has finally allowed us to breed what we think to be the best of all pack llamas i.e. The CCara or Classic Working Llama.

Blood, Sweat, and Deer: Finding Weird through DIY
A friend of ours that started packing with some of our llama offspring. Take a look and enjoy.